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Graduation Requirements

graduationThe graduate major in Speech-Language Pathology includes 30-34 credit hours of academic course work, 1-6 hours of research or thesis, and a 4-16 hour internship. In addition, students must complete a minimum of 400 clock hours of supervised clinical experience as required by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology. Students may select a thesis or non-thesis option upon consultation with their research and graduate advisors. For students who have completed an undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders with coursework similar to that offered at UNI, graduate academic course work, clinical practica, and internship experience ordinarily take four semesters and one summer to complete.



A combination of required core courses and at least three designated seminars [totaling at least 6 credit hours] will lead to the awarding of a departmental Certificate in Emphasis, upon receipt of the M.A. degree.  Academic requirements, offerings, and worksheets for emphases will be provided by the academic advisor.  Acquiring one or both emphasis certificates is not a requirement for graduation, but afford students the opportunity to explore areas of professional interest in depth.  The certificate(s) may be goals for Continuing Education as well as emphases for students in the graduate program.

Emphasis 1      Childhood Communication Disorders

Emphasis 2      Neurogenic Communication Disorders


                                                  GRADUATE CREDIT HOURS 

            (Required and Elective Hours)

Total programs:

Non-Thesis      34 hours plus 1-3 hours research plus an internship semester

Thesis              30 hours plus 6 hours research plus an internship semester