Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Academic Courses

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Required Core Courses in Speech-Language Pathology

CSD 6000 Research Methods (2)

CSD 6700 Phonology (3)

CSD 6600 Dysphagia (2)

CSD 6650 Aphasia (3)

CSD 6400 Dis of Voice (3)

CSD 6450 Motor Speech Dis (2)

CSD 6500 Adv Clinic (2 per semester, 1 summer)

CSD 6300 Treatment of Child Lang Disorders (3)

CSD 6560 Diagnostics (2)

CSD 6800 Fluency (2)

CSD 6230 Structure Disorders (3)

CSD 6289 Required Cog Seminar (2)

CSD 6289 Seminar (2-opt)

CSD 5210 Current Problems (2-opt)

CSD 6660 Adv Diagnostics (2)

CSD 6299 Research (2-6)

CSD 6580 Internship (9-14)


Elective Courses/Seminars in Speech-Language Pathology

In addition to the required courses, students are able to select from a broad range of elective courses and seminars. In recent years, among other topics, electives/seminars have included Augmentative Communication, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cleft Palate, Right Hemisphere, Prevention of Communicative Disorders, Technology for Young Children with Communicative Disorders, Accent and Aging, Medical SLP, and Counseling.