preschoolGraduate Education in Speech-Language Pathology at UNI Stresses the development of: an increased student interest and knowledge base within the area of communication and its related disorders, independent critical thinking skills necessary for the effective evaluation and management of a broad range of communicatively impaired individuals, clinical skills to effectively manage individuals with a broad range of communicative impairments, interpersonal skills necessary to function as a contributor to an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, and an increased awareness of professional ethics and issues.

Program Highlights:

  • Caring, knowledgeable, and available faculty within the department.
  • Modern technology-equipped classroom located in the department.
  • Courses in the major are taught by faculty, not graduate assistants.
  • Considerable experiential learning (clinical practice) opportunities.
  • Involves both faculty and peer mentoring.
  • Modern well-equipped on-campus Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  • A variety of possible off-campus practicum experiences for graduate students.
  • Faculty provide clinical supervision in their areas of expertise to better integrate classroom and clinic-based instruction.
  • Specialized computing equipment for use in clinical activities. 
  • Opportunities for undergraduate student research.
  • Undergraduate student research fund available within the department.
  • Modern well-equipped Sertoma Research Laboratory which is available for undergraduate student research.
  • Modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology.


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