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Alumni Spotlight

Heidi Sutter 

Tell me about yourself.

Graduated BA in ’95, MA in ’97.  I have two kids, Sam is 10 and Sophie is 8.  I’m Married to John Sutter (BA ’96, UNI).

What are some of your most memorable moments at UNI?

Working with students in the clinic, going to Memphis conference with classmates, planning for the ICCD, study groups at the union.

Where have you worked in the past and where are you currently working?

Galena, IL Public School

Keystone AEA #1, Dubuque IA

What advice do you have for undergraduate and graduates?

Get some experience working in the field as a volunteer or at a part-time job.

Have you gathered all of your resources for therapy?

Conferences, continuing education courses, college courses, online resources, peers 

What would you like to know about fellow alumni?

Where they are, pictures of them, email addresses